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Please click on the following link to do the covid marshal training (recommended that all coaches and managers do the training and any other parents who are interested to help out the club).  We are all volunteers, many hands make light work!


Now that the winter season is over the SAUCNA Board would like to congratulate you and thank you for your efforts in getting the season up and running, and completed. We appreciate that the impacts of COVID-19 have resulted in the need for ongoing flexibility and there has been ongoing changes, creating a great deal of uncertainty.  Unfortunately, this will continue into the summer season, and will require additional measures that we hope won’t have a great deal of impact on you.


It’s important that clubs understand the differences between the summer and winter seasons and why the Board has to make some further adjustments. These are summarised as:

  • Because the summer season is conducted primarily at the central courts rather than suburban courts, this means there are greatly increased numbers of players, spectators and officials present.  There will be 1 grade of 11/U playing at Rosefield Uniting courts on Thursday night. 

  • This, in turn, means the current limit of 1000 per venue will be exceeded on most nights, particularly in the changeover between time slots.

  • The upshot of this is that the SAUCNA Board has had to apply to SA Health for approval of a COVID Management Plan (this is different to the COVID Safety Plans that all clubs and the Board have had in place for the winter season). A COVID Management Plan is mandatory for any defined public activity (which includes sports competitions) where attendance numbers exceed 1000.

  • Without an approved plan, we can’t run a summer competition. The plan was submitted to SA Health last week and the Board is confident that it will be approved in time.

  • The main difference between the COVID Management Plan and the COVID Safety Plan is the requirement for contact tracing records. The Board is planning to provide all clubs with a template which will list players, officials, and parents who would normally attend games. It will be a simple check-box for probably the Team Manager to fill out to indicate which people are present on any given night. There will also be provision for the manual addition of family/friends who don’t attend regularly. Of course, it doesn’t have to be the Team Manager’s responsibility, so clubs can allocate that however they like.

  • The contact tracing records MUST be submitted with the scorecard at the end of the game. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit for first offence,  second offence  points will be deducted  (yes you can go into negative points) 

  • SAUCNA is required to retain all contact tracing records, as authorised officers (e.g. police or SA Health representatives) can attend at any time and demand to see them without notice.

  • The current Direction pursuant to the Emergency Management Act 2004 which outlines this requirement is the Emergency Management (Public Activities No. 9)(COVID-19) Direction 2020 see Section 11. You can access a list of all current Directions, including this one, via the government’s COVID-19 portal at . Please note that Directions can and do change regularly, and any changes which impact the summer competition will be relayed to clubs.

  • For contact tracing, all that will need to be recorded is the attendee’s name and either a phone number or email address (or both). Most of this information is able to be pre-populated at the start of the season from registration records (e.g. player names, their parents’/caregivers’ names (for underage grades), coaches etc.). The only additional work week-by-week will be identifying any non-regular spectators for inclusion on the record sheet.

  • We may also be required to implement further risk mitigation strategies, such as separate arrival and departure points in the changeovers between time slots. Whatever SAUCNA is required to do will be disseminated to clubs.


The purpose of these contact tracing records is to quickly identify and isolate people who may have been exposed to a positive COVID-19 case should it occur. We don’t want to be in a situation like we are witnessing in other parts of Australia, or to have the competition shut down through non-compliance with Directions.


If you have any questions please contact  Margaret Johnon and clarification will be provided. The Board will keep all clubs informed as to progress with the COVID Management Plan.



Attached below is a copy of the COVID Tracing form which all teams MUST COMPLETE AND RETURN WITH SCORE CARD IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THEIR GAME.


Please make all members familiar with this form. 


A form will be attached to every score card each game night.  However, clubs can choose to pre-populate the form with the team details for use by their teams.


All details of everyone on your court  -  players, spectators, coach, manager, primary carer, scorer, umpire mentor & umpire must be filled in. 


If there is a COVID Marshal on the court, then indicate this also. 


If you are a club official and will visiting more than court, make sure you name is on a form or added to the form in the clubrooms.




Failure to return the form with score card will result:


First Time               immediate match forfeit.   (Club will be notified) 

Second & Third      2 points will be deducted.  (Club will be notified)

Continual                may result in further actions being taken by SAUCNA Board  

We are still awaiting approval of our COVID Management plan.


Thank you for your cooperation with this.  

SAUCNA Secretary, Margaret Johnson

COVID GUIDELINES - Marryatville High Courts - Winter 2020 Season

  • 2 Courts - 2 teams per court (maximum of 10 players per team), 2 umpires, 2 coaches, 2 team managers, 2 scorers & 1 club official to supervise social distancing and adherence to guidelines (this will mostly be the Team Manager acting as court supervisor).

  • Spectators must remain outside the netball courts and can watch matches from outside the fenced courts, whilst practicing appropriate social distancing. One caregiver per player is recommended.

  • ​Adhere to the physical distancing principle (1.5m separation) at all times but particularly where congestion may occur, at entry and exit points and upon leaving the court areas.

  • ​Please follow the current AIS advice of “Get In, Play, and Get Out”

  • Do not arrive more than 30 minutes before commencement of the match.

  • ​Players should exit promptly following their match and be met by a parent/carer outside the grounds (please don’t stand at the gates and cause congestion).

  • ​Players should not enter the courts until the previous teams have all exited, There is plenty of oval space nearby if teams want to warm up on the grassed areas until courts are clear. Please keep clear of the gates so that the previous teams can exit without creating congestion

  • ​Use the hand sanitiser provided

  • ​Players should bring their own, clearly labelled drink bottle. No shared drink bottles.

  • ​No shared half-time fruit or lollies (bring your own allowed if you wish, but don’t share).

  • ​No Handshakes or high fives (you can come up with an alternative non-contact option if you wish).

  • ​Spread out at the quarter time breaks, don’t huddle close to each other

  • ​In the event a player has an injury during the match, First Aid will be administered by the team coach or manager.

  • ​No toilets at Marryatville High School Courts (there are toilets located at a nearby park that can be used if necessary).​

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