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Rule Changes / Updates

Please see the below link for the new rule changes / clarifications for 2024. There are videos and information sheets to educate yourself on all the changes.



Winter 2024 teams are all full and registrations are now CLOSED.

We have limited capacity to accept new members to the club. Spaces only become available where a player decides not to continue.  We only have two home courts, limited umpires, and a small committee running our club, so are restricted to the amount of teams we can nominate each season. 

Glenunga Netball Club 

We are a small, volunteer run, JUNIOR focussed Netball Club in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide. We are not currently planning to grow our Open / Senior presence in the competition.   Young players will not be able to continue to play Opens with Glenunga once they age out of U17 due to a shortage of senior level umpires. 

Age Groups

Year of Birth for Winter 2024 and Summer  2024-25

Open - 2006 and older
17&U - 2007 and 2008
15&U - 2009 and 2010
13&U - 2011 and 2012

11&U - 2013 and 2014
9&U - 2015
8&U - 2016
 and 2017 

winter 2023 premiers 13_9 .jpg
 U13 Div 9 -  Winter Premiers 2023 

Court Rules

Don't go onto courts before previous games have finished and teams have cleared. 

Leave courts IMMEDIATELY after your game to allow the next teams to warm up. 

At Linden Park and at the SAUCNA city courts, spectators cannot stand behind the goal circle ends of the courts and cannot stand in the narrow area between the two courts. Most clubs depending on the court layout have similar rules.

At Linden Park the area between the two courts is for officials only (umpires, coaches, scorers and timers). Even when it rains, this area cannot be congested with spectators, this is for the safety of our umpires.  The umpires need to be able to move up and down without tripping over spectators.  Bring your umbrella and prepare to get wet if you are playing on the court nearest to the gym / toilets. 

All spectators to stand 1 metre back from the sidelines of the courts to allow umpires to move freely up and down the court. 

Please don't bring dogs and balls inside the court area, best to stay out on the grass if you have kids who want to play with balls while the game is in progress or if you are bringing your dog.

Please BYO Deckchair if you would like a seat. 

Please supervise any other children, don't allow other children / siblings to wander around the school, they can play in the playground or grassed area near the courts, but not wander around the rest of the school. 

Winter 2024 - Dates to remember

8 June - Byes for all grades

13 July - Byes for all grades
3 August - Winter Finals

10 August - Winter Finals 

17 August - Grand Final 
Finals on 3, 10 and 17 August

New Members / Capacity 

Glenunga Netball Club currently runs at full capacity and we have a wait list every season. 

Registrations are opened up first to current members.  All new members to the club will be placed on a wait list.  If there are any spots to fill after our current members have registered, we will contact players from our waitlist to offer those spots.  As a small club, with only two home courts and a limited amount of umpires, we are limited to the amount of teams we can nominate each season.

New players who are offered a spot on a team, will not necessarily be placed on a team with friends, they will be placed on a team where there is a vacancy.  


We recommend all current and continuing players should register as soon as registrations open so they don't miss out on a spot. 

Team Caps

8&U - maximum 2 teams  

9&U - maximum 1 team 
11&U - maximum 3 teams 

13&U - maximum 3 teams 

15&U - maximum 3 teams (must supply umpires)

17&U - maximum 2 teams (must supply umpires)

Open - maximum 1 team (must supply umpires)

As a small club, the above  numbers are a guideline to our maximum capacity given that we only have two home courts (maximum of 12 x junior teams with 17&U and Opens playing at the city), limited umpires, limited coaches and limited volunteers running the club. We do require all teams with players over 14 years old to supply some umpires. We do invest time to develop and mentor our umpires, but without umpires, we cannot continue to play. Umpires are paid per game depending on experience, confidence and badging. 

Teams and friends

The team selection  process is rarely simple.  Teams are selected by the selection committee (Coaches and committee members). Trials will take place for U11, U13, U15 and U17.  A lot of factors are taken into consideration when selecting teams including skills, positions played, height, strengths and weaknesses, coachability, attitude, experience and age.  Also, sometimes it is simply down to numbers, we have to fill all teams and changes need to be made to teams from season to season, based on numbers and having competent shooters on all teams in the older age groups.  There is no guarantee that a team will remain together long term.

We do not guarantee a spot on a team with specific friends and will not change teams once they are selected and sent out ecxept in the case of cancellations.  We try to make all teams competitive as best we can.  Teams will not always stay the same as children age up into different age groups at different times and as players change sports or clubs and new players join each season there are changes to deal with.  We encourage all players to embrace these changes that are inevitable when playing team sports. 


Volunteer Requirements

All families will be required to take turns scoring, timing, putting poles / covers up and taking poles / covers down.  This is not the coaches job to do, all families are required to help out and take a turn.  This as part being a community club and part of having your children participate in a club sport. 

Code of Conduct

We expect all players, officials and spectators to abide by the SAUCNA code of conduct.  Umpires and Coaches should not be questioned, criticised or told how to do their job.  If you want a rule clarification, the captain of a team must approach the umpire calmly to seek clarification.  Coaches and spectators are not allowed to approach the umpires to seek rule clarification, this must be done by the captain (player). 


Foul language, abuse and aggression is not OK.  We expect all members of Glenunga Netball Club to be good sports, parents and players alike.  Adults should be role modelling good behaviour at all times.  Our coaches, managers and committee members are all volunteers. Please be respectful of the time and effort they put in to contribute to the great community club we have. 


Please remember that our umpires are often high school students, learning how to umpire.  As spectators and adults, we need to remember to treat them with the respect that we would expect our own children to be treated with if they were umpiring.  Without umpires, we would not be playing netball each week.  Remember to thank your umpire. 

  • Do not use foul language on or around the courts 

  • Do not question, criticise or abuse umpires and officials 

  • Follow all rules at association and suburban courts 

  • Follow directions given by club officials 

  • Do not allow children to use skateboards, scooters, rollerblades etc. in court areas 

  • Do not allow your children to write on or scratch the court surfaces with sticks or stones

  • Abide by SAUCNA code of conduct as on the SAUCNA website 

  • If you do not comply with these rules, you can be asked to leave the courts or could have or your memberships revoked depending on the severity of the breach

Social Media

Follow our Facebook and instagram pages for regular updates @glenunganetball

Send us your photos 

If you have any good photos, particularly premiership photos from previous, please email them to us so we can post them on our website. If you have any great photos you would like us to share on our Facebook page, please feel free to email them through. 


SUMMER - No compulsory training in summer

WINTER - Training times to be advised by your coach or manager.  Training is held on Thursday evenings from Thurs 24th March, 430-730pm.

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS - at your coaches discretion. Your coach or manager will let you know if the team will train during the school holidays.  

Home ground

WINTER - Junior (U8-U15) home games are played at Linden Park Primary School.  U17 & Open games are played at SAUCNA city courts. 

SUMMER - all games are all played at SAUCNA city courts.

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