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Printable Game Plan Template

Coaches, feel free to download and print this template to create your game plan. 

Coaching Zone / Umpire Zone 

Please ensure coaches stay in the coaching zone to keep out of the way of umpires.  This is to keep the space clear for umpires to run up and down the sidelines safely without tripping over people.  Coaches are not to walk up and down the sidelines of the entire court whilst coaching, nor are they allowed to stand along the goal ring end of the courts whilst coaching.  Spectators, players and coaches must always ensure they are treating umpires with respect and not criticizing the umpires.

Code of Conduct 

Glenunga require our players, parents and officals to follow the SAUCNA code of conduct. Details on the SAUCNA website

INF (International Netball Federation) Rules 

For clarification on rules and technicalities, rules can be found at:

SAUCNA Summer (Rule) Book 

Please see attachment below for SAUCNA specific rules.



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