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Score recording

Original scorecards are to be returned to SAUCNA city courts club rooms immediately after the game.  In winter, cards must be returned either to the clubrooms in the city courts or to Kristy at training. There is a folder to place scorecards in the post shed at our home courts. 


Team Managers are responsible for entering scores into results vault and returning score cards to SAUCNA each week. 

  • Captains need to be marked on the score card with a "C" next to their name.

  • Positions need to be listed on the scorecard for each quarter.

  • Players FULL NAMES must be listed. 

  • Scores need to be listed for each quarter.  

  • Score cards need to be photographed on both sides and sent to the Score Recorder (Team Manager) or Club Secretary 

  • SUMMER SEASON - Score cards to be returned to the club rooms immediately after the game. (take pics of scorecard for our records)

  • WINTER SEASON - For suburban games, score cards need to be returned to SAUCNA by the following weeks game. For city games, scorecards to be returned to the club rooms immediately after game (take pics of scorecard for our records). 

** If you have any problems entering scores into results vault, please email scorecard pics to Club Secretary ASAP. 

FINES apply for late score cards, lost score cards, scores entered late into results vault and late forfeits. 


Scores MUST be entered into Play HQ by the HOME TEAM ONLY.  Teams may choose to enter just the final score.  Fines will only apply to Home Teams who do not enter scores on time. Players need to be entered for all teams. Team Managers are responsible for entering scores and players each week before Tuesday after the games. 

You can only enter the players from your team - fines apply for not having this information entered within 72 hours of the completion of the match.


Reminder that any forfeits MUST be advised as soon as possible. The opposition, association and umpires must be notified by 6pm on Friday night, otherwise fines are incurred by the club. Please give us as much time as possible if you are going to forfeit. 





A reminder that ALL players that take the court MUST be entered on the  Play HQ system within 72 hours of the completion of the match.  Playing of an unregistered player will result in a match forfeit.

Fill ins are not required to pay registration fees, but should not be considered as a regular player without seeking permission from the club.  Paid up members should always receive game time before fill in players regardless of playing ability.   Fill in players must not have played for ANY other SAUCNA club within this current season, otherwise they are ineligible to play.  Players must not have played 4 games in a higher division or age group, otherwise the game will be forfeited for playing an illegible player. 



Example of correctly filled in scorecards (include surnames of all players) 

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