Score recording

 Original scorecards are to be returned to SAUCNA city courts club rooms immediately after the game.  


Team Managers are responsible for entering scores into results vault and returning score cards to SAUCNA each week. 

  • Captains need to be marked on the score card with a "C" next to their name.

  • Positions need to be listed on the scorecard for each quarter.

  • Players FULL NAMES must be listed. 

  • Scores need to be listed for each quarter.  

  • Score cards need to be photographed on both sides and sent to the Score Recorder (Team Manager) or Club Secretary 

  • SUMMER SEASON - Score cards to be returned to the club rooms immediately after the game. (take pics of scorecard for our records)

  • WINTER SEASON - For suburban games, score cards need to be returned to SAUCNA by the following weeks game. For city games, scorecards to be returned to the club rooms immediately after game (take pics of scorecard for our records). 

** If you have any problems entering scores into results vault, please email scorecard pics to Club Secretary ASAP. 

FINES apply for late score cards, lost score cards, scores entered late into results vault and late forfeits. 


This works best on a desktop computer, and doesn't work well on a phone. Also chrome works better than internet explorer

Click on Log in
The Manager or Coach for each team will have logins, these are only to be used by the coach or manager of the team and need to be kept confidential. Scores need to be recorded for each quarter and players need to be selected for each game to ensure eligibility of players to play in finals. Positions need to be listed on the score card for each quarter. 


Click on Teams
Click on Enter Match Results (HOME TEAM enters results)
Click on Confirm Results (AWAY TEAM confirms results)

Select the correct Season, Round and Grade
Enter scores in for each quarter


Click on Select Team
Select the correct Season, Round and Grade
Tick Disable Positions at the bottom
Drag and Drop players from the player list to the selected players list
Click "add player" button to create more space for extra players
Select Captain


If you are using fill-in players that aren't in your usual "SQUAD" Select No Filter where it says "apply player filter", this will allow you to choose other players already registered with Glenunga.


Players that haven't registered previously, will need to be registered under the registration section at the top, if you have any problems doing this, please email details to the Club Secretary and they can be registered for you. If you are using a player who hasn't played for Glenunga before, please get the Full name, DOB, Parents name, phone number and email address so that they can be registered. Any fill in players must not have played for any other SAUCNA team IN THE CURRENT season. 


If, for any reason, you can't enter results in on time, please email or SMS both sides of the score card to club secretary so that we can get it done and avoid getting fines.

Scores are required by SAUCNA to be recorded and confirmed in results vault by 5pm Saturday for all teams.  Failure to do so, incurs a fine for the club. We try to avoid fines as much as possible to avoid having to increase registration costs for players.