Glenunga Netball Club follows the guidelines, policies and procedures set out by SAUCNA.


Internal Club Guidelines - Glenunga Netball Club 

effective from September 2021


Coaches should rotate players and offer fair and equal amounts of game time during the minor rounds where possible.  The Coach is not obliged to consider absence or unavailability when considering equitable court time to players.  Players are expected to commit to the season. If they are not available, special considerations should not be expected for individual circumstances.


Training in winter season is compulsory.  If players miss training regularly, they may receive reduced court time at the discretion of the coach.  Players are expected to give reasonable notice if they are unavailable to play a match so that the Coach can prepare accordingly. 


Coach may use their discretion in selecting the team and positions which are best suited for the match and to provide the best chance of team success if this suits their coaching style.  During the minor rounds of the season is the time to develop and work on skills and give equal game time for all players to foster development.  Players with less skill, experience or confidence may not receive equal game time in finals if coaches choose to play for the win in the finals rounds. 

U8 - U11 Div 6 -  all registered, financial team members who have played throughout the season should be given the opportunity to play at least two quarters in all finals games.  

U11 Div 5 and over -  all registered, financial team members who have played throughout the season should be given the opportunity to play at least one quarter in all finals games.  


Coach has full autonomy to choose positions on court.  Coaches will be supported by the club with their selections.  Parents should not ask or expect that their child plays in a certain position.  Players are expected to play their best in any position they are placed with a positive "team first attitude" and take the opportunity to learn and develop in the positions the coach chooses for them. 


At times players may request to be placed in an age group higher than their actual age to be with their friends from school. This often happens with people born early in the year who may have started school a bit younger.  There is no guarantee that younger players will be placed in higher age groups, and depends if there is a suitable place available on the team.  In this scenario, the younger player may not be placed in the premium positions if they are less skilled or less experienced than other members of the team.  In finals, this may mean that the younger or less experienced player may receive less game time than other players on the team.  


Fairest & Best votes are chosen each week by the Umpires or the Opposition Coach and are counted up at the end of the minor round.  This is the fairest way to avoid bias as the Coaches, Managers and Parents have no part in choosing the Fairest & Best player.  Any unfinancial or fill in players who receive votes are void as unfinancial and fill in players are ineligible to receive trophies.  


Coaches Award trophy is chosen at the discretion of the Coach.





Glenunga Netball Club Constitution 

Presidents Report August 2021